The Call is an assessment program used to introduce leaders to the network and help them identify their fit & flourish in ministry. Using quantitative tools and qualitative interaction, we get to know each candidate and how they are uniquely wired.


The Plan is a residential "boot camp” that provides essential knowledge and practices in a highly relational environment. Trainers eat, sleep and stay with participants to help them develop a plan for their church.


The Nineveh Conference is the annual gathering of church planters & advocates of The Nineveh Network. The event is designed to encourage and connect friends from across the network without the pontification and posturing. 

Individual affiliation

We recognize that some resonate with The Nineveh Network but are in ministry contexts that are not ready for organizational affiliation. Yet, we value and welcome each individual engagement.

Individual leaders who wish to affiliate with The Nineveh Network should pursue ministerial standing with the CCCCs. This will enable benefits such as scholarships, grants and network connection.


Because we strive to live out our value of covenantal relationship, our process for joining reflects this value - in other words - we want to get to know you and want you to get to know us! Click the "Start the Conversation" button below and let's chat (no spam or pressure included).

Formally, churches seeking membership with the CCCC begin by submitting the Church Application for Membership.