The Network is a pressure-free, two-hour online cohort designed to introduce people to our network and others interested in church multiplication. This is perfect for church planters, advocates or potential sponsor churches.


The Call is a two-day assessment program used to help leaders identify their fit & flourish in ministry. Using a combination of quantitative tools and qualitative interaction, we get to know each candidate and how they are uniquely wired.


The Plan is a three-night residential "boot camp” that provides essential knowledge and practices in a highly relational environment. Trainers eat, sleep and stay with participants to help them develop a plan for their church.


Advocates are individuals that value starting new churches, identify themselves as part of our movement and put critical support behind that decision in places like:

  • Prayer: Can you commit to regularly pray for our churches?

  • Giving: Can you financially contribute to church multiplication?

  • Recruiting: Are you well networked and can help us spread the word?

  • Assessing: Do you have gifts in wisdom and writing?

  • Training: Are you uniquely gifted and experienced in a certain ministry area and can teach others?

  • Coaching: Are you able to disciple one of our planters?


Sponsor Churches are established congregations that have "adopted" one of our church plants to provide them critical support.

  • Covenant Relationship: Enter into a covenant relationship with a church planting pastor that includes praying for the project and highlighting this work to the congregation.

  • Oversite: This emphasizes mentoring and encouragement over management or mandating.

  • Giving: Contribute financially to the church planting project.

  • Support: Sponsor churches are encouraged to provide any available logistical support.